A. Aud
1 min readDec 19, 2020


I’m from Europe (lived in a few different countries) and even though I considered living for some period of my life in the USA, since I work in tech, I’m way too concerned about my health. I get my EpiPens and doctor’s and therapist visits for cheap. If I suddenly feel sick I don’t have to ponder the economical risk of going to the ER. I can just go.

I’m concerned about guns, because as a non-American citizen I couldn’t own one, but I may well have the same chance as any other to be attached in my home.

I’m concerned about losing my job and insurance suddenly.

I’m concerned because my skin is not the whitest.

I might pay a lot of tax where I am, but I also read Silicon Valley people with their astronomical salaries (and I guess lower taxes than here) still seem to have a very hard time getting to the end of the month.

I’d be glad to visit and spend time with sensible Americans, the country is definitely interesting, but I’d always come back home. It just seems dangerous on many levels to move there. And I like feeling safe.