How To Create a Wardrobe You Love

It’s about finding a more sustainable way to shop

A. Aud
5 min readOct 25, 2020


Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

Not going to lie — over the past few years, my clothing style has been all over the place. Every year the same story, I have no intention of wearing anything I bought even just a season prior. What was I thinking when I bought that?

It can be hard to build a wardrobe that doesn’t leave us feeling like we have nothing to wear, even when every drawer is filled to the brim. Even more so when we don’t have an established taste. However, once we manage to build a cohesive wardrobe — capsule-based or not — crafting outfits becomes effortless. I’ve found a few strategies that helped me create a wardrobe that I like and keep wearing, year in, year out.

Pick a primary and a secondary style, and shop accordingly

I used to buy any piece of clothing that I liked and could afford to buy. More clothes, more outfits, right? Wrong! I owned some pieces that were cute and girly, some that were very grown-up and lady-like, in a host of colors that I never seemed to be able to match. I had styles that would just not go together. On the other hand, I struggle with picking one style only to stick to. This is a common cause of incohesive wardrobes.

After giving it some honest though, I decided to go for a classic style as my primary and edgy as my secondary. What does this actually mean in my case? I’d go for clothes with feminine and timeless cuts, and high quality, for the base of my wardrobe. But I’d often make sure to match them with an item with an edgier look to offset the “mature” look from the classic clothing.

The split between the two styles informed my budgeting choices as well. I would spend more on the classic items, because I was more likely to want to keep them later on as well, instead of replacing them fairly soon. I ended up with a split of about 80/20 classic/edgy items in my wardrobe. My number is completely arbitrary, and if it were to continue with my specific example, what specific split I choose would depend on — do I want to dress classic with a pinch of edgy, or edgy with a touch of classic?

In general, a classic style can match pretty much any other style. Need a refresher on what other…