How To Create a Wardrobe You Love

It’s about finding a more sustainable way to shop

Photo by Alyssa Strohmann on Unsplash

Pick a primary and a secondary style, and shop accordingly

I used to buy any piece of clothing that I liked and could afford to buy. More clothes, more outfits, right? Wrong! I owned some pieces that were cute and girly, some that were very grown-up and lady-like, in a host of colors that I never seemed to be able to match. I had styles that would just not go together. On the other hand, I struggle with picking one style only to stick to. This is a common cause of incohesive wardrobes.

Make at least half of your wardrobe neutral pieces

If the majority of your wardrobe consists of colorful pieces from the entire spectrum of the rainbow, you will have a hard time mixing and matching — unless the mismatched look is specifically your thing, in which case, please carry on. Even if most of your clothes are the same color, they’ll rarely match in shade.

Sort your clothing by color

I like to store my clothing in a way that makes it easier to get a bird’s eye view of what I have. It’s just so much easier to build outfits when you can see everything you have at once.

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