About Me

A. Aud
1 min readNov 12, 2020

Hi, everyone. I’m Alice Audie — pen name! — , nice to meet you. If you got all the way here, hopefully, that’s because you liked something I wrote! Let me tell you a bit more about why I’m here and what you can expect from me in the future.

I joined Medium in the summer, at first just to read. I’ve only started sharing my own content recently. Writing is a way for me to organize my thoughts, and among all creative pursuits, it’s definitely the one I’m best at (well, I sure hope you don’t think my writing sucks big time, because what would that say about those other pursuits? Ah, I digress…) Anyway, long story short — I was on Medium reading, and I was doing writing on the side, and all I did was 2+2. And that’s how I started publishing stories here!

Now, I’m exploring a handful of topics that I have personal experience in — productivity, mental health, lifestyle, etc. —and drawing insight that can help others (as well as myself, in the future). I pay attention to what my followers like and my articles draw much inspiration from that information.

If you enjoy my writing, don’t hesitate to reach out and start a conversation!

All the best 🌿️