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A. Aud

Hi, everyone. I’m Alice Audie — pen name! — , nice to meet you. If you got all the way here, hopefully, that’s because you liked something I wrote! Let me tell you a bit more about why I’m here and what you can expect from me in the future.

I joined Medium in the summer, at first just to read. I’ve only started sharing my own content recently. Writing is a way for me to organize my thoughts, and among all creative pursuits, it’s definitely the one I’m best at (well, I sure hope you don’t think my writing…

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Introvert paradise — that’s how I’ve heard the current work-from-home situation called.

Obviously, that only applies to those of us lucky enough to still have a job.

Regardless of how anyone personally feels about being at home versus being at the office, having the chance to continue working is nothing less than a luxury, and I’m thankful for it every day. I get to keep my apartment, I get to buy food, and I get to do cool and fun work.

Now that it’s out of the way — what I have a big, fat problem with is the bit…

I used to think leaving each and every one of them was the obvious thing to do for me. Of course, it’s more complicated than that.

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It’s no secret — as of recent years, social media has been increasingly demonized. Just a few months ago, Netflix's documentary The Social Dilemma has made headlines and prompted many to bin their accounts.

There are several different concerns at the core of someone’s decision to get off socials.

For many, it’s primarily a matter of privacy — as we become more aware of how much data is collected about us, we become increasingly uncomfortable with sharing that information with faceless corporations.

In other cases, it has to do with the negative impact on self-esteem, caused by unrealistic beauty standards…

That doesn’t mean you should not be concerned.

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I summoned my Google Assistant and asked her to play a song for me while my hands were busy with cooking. She put on the wrong song.

So I called her stupid.

“I’m so sorry, it won’t happen again”, was her reply.

I immediately felt guilty for insulting her (I had chosen the female voice). “Sorry, I didn’t mean that. You’re the smartest ever”, I said. She thanked me for the compliment and went back to her robot business, my temporary song-induced rage forgiven and forgotten.

I know, why feel bad for something that is just — sort of —…

Simply reading a book cover to cover might not quite cut it.

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Hey. I know why you’re here.

You are a voracious reader but can’t seem to remember what you read. Your shelves are probably stocked with books you’ve already finished, yet you can remember very little — if anything.

This used to be me, up until recently.

I eventually got fed up with reading and feeling like I could not retain anything. With a little bit of research, I built myself a whole process that allows me to get the most out of my reading. …

It’s not all sunshine and rainbows.

Image by Anastasia Gepp from Pixabay

As a result of the pandemic, I’ve been working from home since last spring.

While it’s lonely and sometimes pretty damn miserable, I really can’t complain — I recognize I’m extremely lucky to still have my job in a moment when so many are losing their livelihood.

With that said, working from home really is a mixed bag. Many are singing its praises, and just as many think it’s simply the worst. Ultimately, it comes down to many factors — extroversion, family situation, work setup, and support from one’s employer.

I’ve mostly been working from home by myself, sharing the…

Just who do you think you are?

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I used to partake in much negative self-talk. After being bullied most of my teenage years, I didn’t have much in the way of positive things to say about myself. This carried over to the first years of my adulthood.

Ugly. Dumb. Clueless. Hopeless.

And the really heartbreaking thing is this — the more I used these words, the more I believed them, and the more I used them, in a never-ending vicious circle.

Not only that. I identified with those words — I started becoming and then being them.

So don’t underestimate the power of language — yes, actions…

Let’s make this place awesome.

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Hi, thanks for tuning in!

I created this publication to gather essays about everything that has to do with the mind and everything cool that we do with it.

As a lifelong learner of the most disparate things — languages, math, music, and a little bit of everything else thrown in for good measure — as well as a creator, I’m really excited about the power of the mind in general. Constantly researching out how to get as much out of my brain as humanly possible. …

The right stressors will help you immensely — if you let them.

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels

In the name of having multiple income streams, I’ve spent the past few months starting up a side hustle. I’m not co-founding a big and ambitious startup. Instead, I’m working on a couple of personal projects at the same time. One is a small piece of software that I intend to sell. The other is monetizing my writing.

I originally, and naively, used to think that building a successful side hustle only involved blocking out some time to get cracking after my 9–5 work was done for the day. …

When you feel productive, you’re primed to succeed.

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I love checklists.

It wasn’t always the case. I used to store most stuff in my head, and mentally mark my tasks as completed. But as more and more stuff started piling up on my plate in the last few months — that’s when I realized I needed checklists in my life. I have a hard time being productive without at least a small set of tasks that I can cross off, leaving me feeling accomplished.

If you’re like me and also love your checklists, you probably know how good it feels to check items off them. …

A. Aud

Writer of sorts.

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